Reconnaissance Fly Flies Again

UPDATE: It looks like Westbrook will be playing first, followed by Grex and then Reconnaissance Fly. Plan your lives accordingly.

Having written so much about our local Cardiacs tribute band, I should probably mention it when those musicians get together with their own band.

Did that make sense? What I meant is: The seed of the ReCardiacs Fly tribute band was the trio called Reconnaissance Fly, a separate non-Cardiacs-tribute band that’s been together for some time. They haven’t played in a while as Reconnaissance Fly, that I know of.

They’re appearing tonight (Weds. Jan. 11) at Cafe Revolution in west Oakland: 1612 7th Street.

Reconnaissance Fly plays proggy, artsy compositions, embellished by electronics, with lyrics taken from the cut-up verbiage of spam e-mails. You can hear a few tracks on MySpace or check out YouTube videos such as this one:

Reconnaissance Fly will be opening a bill that’s headlined by Grex, the chamber/pop duo. In between, Luke Westbrook will do a set of jazz guitar.

It’s all part of Light a Fire, a blanket name for the show-booking efforts of Karl Evangelista (half of Grex). I’d written about some of his organizational efforts here and here.