This blog is a journal of my explorations of creative music — free jazz, free improvisation, noise, interesting rock — in recorded and live forms. It’s also a partially informed news site for Bay Area goings-on (and for non-Bay-Area music that I happen to like; Tim Berne gets mentioned a lot).

For 12 years, I did an avant-jazz radio show on KZSU-FM, Stanford University: 90.1-FM in the San Francisco Bay Area, kzsulive.stanford.edu everywhere else. For most of those years, I was on-air Friday afternoons at 3:00 p.m., a time slot I relished as a virtual cold beer to end a hard work week.

As of autumn 2010, I’ve stopped doing the show on a regular basis, although I haven’t fully cut ties with KZSU.

You can reach me by emailing ctm at sonic.net.

This blog began in January 2009 as a place to put detailed notes about my playlists. My older KZSU playlists, going back to 1998, are viewable on crude, almost-all-text pages at http://sonic.net/~ctm/playlists.html. The playlists themselves are a lot more readable than the front page, trust me.

More recent playlists are kept in KZSU’s own database: http://zookeeper.stanford.edu — use the “DJ Zone!” link to find Wedge. While you’re there, mess with the “Find It” link, too — it’s a cool little toy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you, anyway?
My name’s Craig, and I live in San Jose, California. As noted above, I’m easily reachable at ctm at sonic.net.

Wait — I know you. I’ve seen you at shows.
Possibly.  If you’re thinking of this guy, that’s me.

Why don’t you tell us your last name, you coward?
I’m in a job where people have legitimate reason to Google me, and I don’t always want to mix music with work. I have no problem with you knowing my last name, though. Go ahead and email me. I’ll tell you all sorts of stuff.

Why are you doing this blog?
That’s what the first post was about: What I’m Doing Here.

Can I send you some of my music?
Certainly!  If by “you” you mean me personally, understanding that I’m not on the radio now, use the email address mentioned above, and I’ll give you coordinates.

It’s more likely you mean KZSU the radio station, and in that case, the contact info is here. You can also ask me to forward music to KZSU — I’ll gladly do it, but it might take a couple weeks, and I have no influence over what gets played.

Why does your URL have “radio” in it, if you’re not on the radio?
See above. I’m too lazy to think of a new URL.

Well, why don’t you just do a podcast, then? That would work with the URL.
Uh…. I’ll get back to you on that.

(Most recent update: September 2017)

16 thoughts on “About/FAQ

  1. hi, this is qasim naqvi writing to you. i just wanted to thank you for playing our music on you station. every so often i google in our name with the word radio attached to see if any stations are playing our stuff, and you were the first to show up. we are playing up at reed college on april 11th and are trying book some shows in sf. do you ever have artists come and perform on your radio station. if so, would you be interested in having us?

  2. hey there, thanks for the write-up. It’s nice to see someone actually know what they’re talking about in a music review. Would you like me to send you any music?


  3. Hi Patrick — Thanks! You know, I guess I should have included the KZSU music office address in this page:

    Jazz Director
    PO Box 20510
    Stanford, CA 94309

    … and yeah, a copy of the new live CD would be terrific to have. Thanks.

  4. Hi There – thanks for all the great reviews and previews – it’s definitely very much appreciated!
    Wanted to talk about arranging a possible interview for some upcoming shows – is there a more direct way of contacting you?
    Thanks & best,
    Aram Shelton

  5. I just read your review. I was laughing hysterically at your album cover description and then the plotting of the seminal avant-grade in me —-in the Bay Area! Thanks a lot. Made my day!

    Dana Reason

  6. just stumbled across your write up for the switchboard festival. thanks for playing my music on the air. do you want any newer releases? would love to send them to you if you’ll play them?

  7. Thanks for the review. (T.D. Skatchit & Co.) You should hear our recent one, Skatch Migration. D. Skatchit

  8. did you see the screwgun riff in yesterday’s new york times or let me guess, you are at the shows???

  9. ha! no, i wasn’t at the shows — i did see the NYT listing about Screwgun curating The Stone for a couple weeks, though. Bet those were terrific shows.

  10. maybe you could have done my jazz panel in a November 4 mask: we settled for Akira Tana, Rebecca Coupe Franks and Steward McCain. Very nearly had the whole crowd doing “Linus and Lucy” acapella in three parts.

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