Day of Noise Returns at KZSU

UPDATE 1/11: The Day of Noise is running for 24 hours starting midnight (so, all of Feb. 12). I listed a different time here for a while, taken off some promo material, but I’m pretty sure that was incorrect. I’m told that we’ve filled the schedule, so — thanks to the musicians coming by to play!

The Day of Noise is back!

This is a KZSU tradition, a 24-hour block of experimental music: improv, drone, ambient, electronics. The more abstract the better.

For years, it was put on by KZSU DJ Doom (more formally, The Voice of Doom). He would line up a cast of local musicians — David Slusser was a multiple-time participant — to come into the studio and perform live. He’d also spin CDs between acts. And during those long late-night gaps, he’d perform himself on The Machinery of Doom, a room full of percussion and noisemakers.

The designated Day of Noise is Sunday, Feb. 12, midnight to midnight. The event is supposed to focus on live performance, so if you’re a musician in the Bay Area, feel free to contact us for more information (you can find my email address on the “About” page of this blog).

As you might imagine, we’re especially short on musicians to play the nighttime and early morning slots — anything from about 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. — so, double pretty-please contact us if you think you can accommodate a time like that.

I’ll post more as I find out more (I’m helping with the organization but haven’t been around for all the planning). For now, you can find out more at: