About Endangered Blood

A quick apology: No, I don’t have any actual review of the band Endangered Blood here yet, nor even a description of the music.

I mention this because the blog activity has spiked lately with visitors heading to the Endangered Blood posts.  Sadly, I’ve got no inside contacts with the band and didn’t see them live, leaving me in no position to help.  Sorry!

In fact, I can’t find any reviews of their swing through the western states. (Which kind of speaks to why New York musicians are reluctant to do these kinds of tours.) If anybody has reports of how the shows went, or even if you just want to confirm what the turnout was like, I’m all ears.

What I do know is that the band has a CD coming on Skirl Records; copies might have been available on the tour. The best I can do for now is point you to photos of the CD package — but then again, most of you have probably found that already.

Anyway, if you came here for Endangered Blood tidbits: Thanks for reading, and I hope my scribblings here haven’t been too disappointing.