Playlist: Late Night, April 16

KZSU playlist for what was technically Friday morning, midnight to 3:00 a.m.

I love doing these late-night shows once in a while. Often I’ll try to play a little of everything, or do a rock show with the occasional experimental track thrown in.

This time, for whatever reason, I decided to go all-experimental, the exceptions being the new Cheer-Accident disk (which I’ve decided to play the heck out of, after reading their cover story in Signal to Noise recently), and Guinea Worms, an Ohio rock band whose 7″ record in our A-file caught my eye. (It’s got mild Beefheart overtones and is certainly offbeat, at least.)

Glenn Branca, who’s been underappreciated in my airplay history, got a good long stretch with the raucous opening movement of Symphony No. 2.

On the opposite end, composer Matthias Spahlinger got a 16-minute representation of quiet, albeit prickly and angular, music. Spahlinger is better known for eye-poking intensity; you can see an old writeup on his work at Paris Transatlantic (alongside a review of local composer David Slusser).

I’d decided early on to include something incomprehensible by Bjรถrk and to give some space to The International Nothing, a clarinet duo favoring long, dissonant tones, who appeared on a playlist back in February.

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