Phillip Greenlief on KCSM, Friday Morning

Every Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. Pacific, radio station KCSM hosts a musician for “Desert Island Jazz,” where the guest plays the game of picking a few albums they’d want if stranded on a deserted island. (The rules, if you’re not familiar with the game, assume you have the resources to play any medium you’ve … Continue reading Phillip Greenlief on KCSM, Friday Morning

Greenlief/Léandre, Four Years Later

Phillip Greenlief/Joëlle Léandre — That Overt Desire of Object (Relative Pitch, 2011) On my radio show in 2006, I’d played tracks from That Overt Desire of Object, an upcoming duo album by Phillip Greenlief and Joëlle Léandre.  It was a good album, 11 tracks organized into “variations” for Léandre’s contrabass and Greenlief’s different horns — … Continue reading Greenlief/Léandre, Four Years Later

Upcoming Shows: The Greenlief Five

You don’t turn 50 every day (so I’m told). Phillip Greenlief is celebrating in fine fashion, with five shows starting with Valentine’s Day. Below, I’ve cut-and-pasted his show announcement and added some comments in italics. Happy birthday, Phillip! ———————————— concert #1 – an evening with the lost trio phillip greenlief – tenor saxophone; dan seamans … Continue reading Upcoming Shows: The Greenlief Five

Animals & Giraffes, Text & Music

Animals & Giraffes — July (Edgetone, 2017) Animals & Giraffes is a project combining the poetry of Claudia La Rocco with sound-based improvisations by Bay Area musicians. It’s music for thinking, with La Rocco’s deadpan delivery as a central point, orbited by the stillness of the music. That’s music in an abstract, sound-based vein most … Continue reading Animals & Giraffes, Text & Music

Social Stutter & Barbed Wire

On the docket at Studio Grand in Oakland last Monday night: a yet-unrecorded saxophone quartet and the latest installment of a graphical-scores project. And it happened between storms, so I didn’t even have to get that wet to see it. Social Stutter was the saxophone quartet, playing the compositions of Beth Schenck. I’m accustomed to the … Continue reading Social Stutter & Barbed Wire

Berkeley Arts’ Last Stand

For five years, Berkeley Arts Festival has hosted a variety of music shows, including a creative-music series curated by Phillip Greenlief. It’s also an art gallery that’s hosted various exhibits and events. An oasis like this rarely lasts, especially when it’s in an economically desirable spot like downtown Berkeley, one block from the U.C. campus. … Continue reading Berkeley Arts’ Last Stand

Whole Lotta Ornette Goin’ On — Saturday

How much Ornette Coleman can you take? Myles Boisen has organized an Ornette Coleman tribute for the afternoon and evening of Saturday, Sept. 26, at Berkeley Arts (2133 University Ave., Berkeley). It promises to be a great sampling of local artists and a full celebratory evening, from 4:00 p.m. to whenever. Don’t sleep on the … Continue reading Whole Lotta Ornette Goin’ On — Saturday

microspoke and the Day of Noise Archive

Here’s a new Bay Area duo in the “lower-case” vein of quiet improvisation. Quoting directly from the Bay Improviser calendar: Thu 5/21 9:30 PM Studio Grand [3234 Grand Ave, Oakland] microspoke is a new duo project from Phillip Greenlief and Tim Perkis that uses quiet, microscopic noise as a landscape to explore highly detailed electro-acoustic … Continue reading microspoke and the Day of Noise Archive