Outsound Summit: IMA and Big City Orchestra

The concluding night of the recent Outsound New Music Summit started with a full stage. No people, and not much apparent room for people — but lots of instruments, some draped in cloths evoking images of Persian finery. It turns out the instruments around the edges were meant for the five members of Big City … Continue reading Outsound Summit: IMA and Big City Orchestra

Outsound Summit: Oliver Lake in Duo, Brandon Evans in Trio

Oliver Lake and Donald Robinson put on a terrific set Thursday night at the Outsound New Music Summit. Obviously, that’s what you would expect. Lake is a living legend — but I was also there to see Robinson, a Bay Area drummer whose skill I’ve lauded here repeatedly. A duet with a kindred spirit (both … Continue reading Outsound Summit: Oliver Lake in Duo, Brandon Evans in Trio

Outsound: The Axiom

More about July’s Outsound New Music Summit, this time from the jazz-and-compositions concert that was titled, “The Axiom” … I wrote about the concluding act, Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack, here (now with pictures). The rest of the evening was solid as well — and Bruckmann’s wasn’t the only impressive long-form, world-premiere piece. Lewis Jordan got a … Continue reading Outsound: The Axiom

Outsound: Vibration Hackers

It’s hard writing a concert review weeks after the fact, and admittedly harder when you’re talking about electronic music — a genre that poses inherent problems of language. The music lends itself to some obvious descriptors (“swampy,” “crinkling,” “droney”) but it’s hard to resist calling everything “metallic” and “abstract.” That said, I did enjoy “Vibration … Continue reading Outsound: Vibration Hackers

Bringing ‘Lords of Outland’ to Outsound

Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland — Thee Unhip (Edgetone, 2012) The Outsound New Music Summit is a labor of love for all volunteers but especially for Rent Romus, who not only runs the whole shebang but does an aces job raising funds and gathering sponsors. It’s been a while since he’s booked himself to play … Continue reading Bringing ‘Lords of Outland’ to Outsound

Outsound Summit: When the Machines Take Over

One of the performances I’ve been most anticipating at the Outsound New Music Summit comes Thursday night, July 25, when two artificial intelligence programs improvise together. Joe Lasqo and Ritwik Banerji have each been working on electronic-music software that reacts to the surroundings. I wrote a bit about their efforts, and a performance of Lasqo’s, … Continue reading Outsound Summit: When the Machines Take Over