Lords of Outland, Keeping It Dark

Lords of Outland — Lords O Leaping (Edgetone, 2014) Powerhouse saxophonists make good foils for Lords of Outland, the free-jazz group that’s been a vehicle for saxophonist Rent Romus for more than 15 years, possibly 20. Vinny Golia made his contribution on the Lords’ Edge of Dark, and it’s Josh Allen’s big tenor sound that … Continue reading Lords of Outland, Keeping It Dark

Bringing ‘Lords of Outland’ to Outsound

Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland — Thee Unhip (Edgetone, 2012) The Outsound New Music Summit is a labor of love for all volunteers but especially for Rent Romus, who not only runs the whole shebang but does an aces job raising funds and gathering sponsors. It’s been a while since he’s booked himself to play … Continue reading Bringing ‘Lords of Outland’ to Outsound

KZSU Day of Noise 2016, Happening Now

… “Now,” meaning Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016, Pacific time. Every year, KZSU puts on 24 hours of mostly improvised, mostly noisy music — electronics, ambient, jazzy, sound-wall-ey, you name it. It’s a glorious tradition led by DJ Abra (aka Dr. Information). From 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m., you’ll hear The Voice of Doom — a … Continue reading KZSU Day of Noise 2016, Happening Now

Outsound: The Axiom

More about July’s Outsound New Music Summit, this time from the jazz-and-compositions concert that was titled, “The Axiom” … I wrote about the concluding act, Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack, here (now with pictures). The rest of the evening was solid as well — and Bruckmann’s wasn’t the only impressive long-form, world-premiere piece. Lewis Jordan got a … Continue reading Outsound: The Axiom

Wrack Is Coming to L.A. and Sacramento

I attended two nights of the Outsound New Music Summit and enjoyed both concerts immensely. But before going into detail, I wanted to post something about Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack, because they’re coming to Los Angeles tonight (July 28) and Sacramento on Monday (July 29). Having now seen the hour-long piece they’ll be playing, “… Awaits … Continue reading Wrack Is Coming to L.A. and Sacramento