Nick Di Geronimo on Bass

Source: jasper-m on Pixabay.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s impressed by Nick Di Geronimo’s bass playing but mystified by his identity.

Di Geronimo appears on three Andrew Cyrille albums, either with the band Maono or with Cyrille’s eponymous quartet: Metamusicians Stomp (Black Saint, 1978), Special People (Soul Note, 1981), and The Navigator (Soul Note, 1983). And like the person who started this discussion thread in 2008, I was captivated by his playing on Metamusicians Stomp.

But what else did he do? The few responses don’t provide any answers:

Cyrille must have really liked him, though, and you can tell why. From Metamusicians Stomp, take a listen to what Di Geroninmo contributes to the track “5-4-3-2.”

Nice work, Nick, wherever you are.

(More on Andrew Cyrille.)

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