Graphical scores are on my mind after that sfSound Festival post. So when I came across this photo, I found myself wondering what it would sound like:


It wouldn’t necessarily be interesting. If you interpret the lines as a six-lined music staff, you might get just a block of white-noise chords. If you decide this is a single line denoting rhythms and spaces — now you might be getting somewhere.

I found the photo on the Spoon & Tamago blog, which tracks cool art and design projects coming out of Japan. The birds are seagull-like creatures called kawau (they’re cormorants, according to the Wild in Japan blog), once endangered and now repopulated to the point of becoming a nuisance.

Photographer Yoshinori Mizutani produced a series of these photos, turning the birds into stark, surreal visions — some of which really do look like they’d make interesting graphical scores. A photobook is pending. Check out Spoon & Tamago for more info.


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