Oh By the Way

A side-effect of this blog’s longevity is the way it reflects changes in my personal life. As the kids have gotten older, and their activities (school and otherwise) have become more serious, it’s left me with less time for music. My radio gig was the first thing to go, and lately, I’ve cut down on listening to music and, especially, going out to shows.

I don’t like blogs that are about themselves, which is why I’m burying this entry amid a small flurry of activity — the point being, the day job has eased up a bit, allowing me to get to a backlog of reviewing and listening. Seemed like a good juncture to speak up and say, “I’m still here.”

This is a normal aspect of online life, one that people are discovering slowly as we all get older. I’m thinking in particular of Real Life Comics, which began posting daily at the end of 1999 but had to slow down as the artist’s real real life got more complicated (and that was before he and his wife had a kid.) He still manages to soldier on, and so will I.

One thought on “Oh By the Way

  1. Yeah i hear you, I’ve written since 2010 1,400 posts (not all about music, certainly not all about jazz) but have probably been to less than 100 shows. I’ve only produced 10 shows, down from 30 a year in my younger days; the biggest difference is that SF seems that much further from Palo Alto these days, to scout.

    Maybe your children, in a few short years, will grow up to go to shows and post to your blog.

    A lot of my posts are, like, a photo, a headline a caption and out. Actual articles like yours, maybe only 50 or 100.

    I use a blog as a notebook. That is left open in a public place.

    (On the other hand, we got to more art shows, art openings and lectures, including at Stanford, and I write about that, or post. “Post” and “write” might be different animals).

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