Look Who Likes Sun Ra and Nels Cline

With a hat tip to music critic Richard Scheinin via Twitter some weeks ago, here’s Marshall Crenshaw with his shopping finds at Amoeba Records:

I like Crenshaw. Like many fans my age, I remember his self-titled album well, but I also own and really enjoy Jaggedland, from 2009. That purchase was the eventual result of being reintroduced to Crenshaw by, of all things, the DKT version of MC5. I happened to catch their tour circa 2004 and had not known, until then, how well Crenshaw can bring it on lead guitar.

You also have to like anyone who titles a live album, I’ve Suffered for My Art, Now It’s Your Turn.

To give away the surprises in the above video: Crenshaw pulls a Sun Ra album first, followed shortly by the Nels Cline Singers‘ latest, Macroscopic.

Lots of rock musicians have tastes much deeper than we get to see, but it’s still fun to find out someone from that sphere enjoys some flavors of creative music. That made my day. To return the favor, I’ve gone and checked out the west-coast jazz of Buddy Collette, another of Crenshaw’s picks.

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