A Remembrance for Bernard Parmegiani

Source: parmegiani.frBeing a jazz DJ, I would often pay tribute to musicians who had recently passed away. And I would remark on how these artists should be getting this attention while they’re alive, not only so they can appreciate being appreciated, but also to spread the word about a spark still glowing and, in many cases, still creating.

Electronic-music composer Bernard Parmegiani passed away recently, but whether he knows it or not, he got an evening of recognition out here in the Bay Area, as his works were showcased at the San Francisco Tape Music Festival last year.

I can’t say I’m a student of Parmegiani’s work, and I didn’t manage to attend his tribute concert. But I’m feeling a strange sense of contentment over the fact that someone gave him a spotlight while he was still around to bask in it, even if only in spirit.

You can sample Parmegiani’s work on YouTube, of course. I embedded a few videos in a previous post.

The official(?) Parmegiani site now includes a link to an homage at inagrm.com.

Hat tip: Avant Music News.