Jack o’ the Clock Update

Band photo by Carly Hoopes. Source: jackotheclock.com.
Band photo by Carly Hoopes. Source: jackotheclock.com.

Jack o’ the Clock, the terrific Bay Area prog/pop/art-song band, has another performance coming up on Friday, Nov. 8, at the Starry Plough, with Inner Ear Brigade and guitar man Chuck Johnson (who opened for Fred Frith’s Gravity show last year).

It’s been great to see a band like this multiple times, hearing them add new songs with each set. I’m thankful they’ve managed to stick together this long and develop a following.

They’ve attracted one notable fan in particular: Mike, who runs the Avant Music News site. He recently published a lengthy interview with the band’s singer and principal songwriter, Damon Waitkus, talking about the compositional process, the influences behind the new album (All My Friends), and the possibility of a 2014 release. Read it all here.

Below is a video the band’s recently posted — a new song called “Twenty-Two, or, Denny Takes One for the Team,” performed live at Viracocha.