The Read: June 8, 2013

All About Jazz recently ran interviews with two musicians with ties to the Bay Area. They’re the first two items in this set of arbitrary links.

Picture 11. Marco Eneidi, free-jazz saxophonist, talks about his life in Vienna, the hard economics of music, and the “devouring of grid” compositional method he learned from Cecil Taylor.

2. Sacramento guitarist Ross Hammond discusses his latest album, Cathedrals, the second he’s done with his all-star L.A. band.

laptops3. Following up on my story this week about Santa Clara’s laptop orchestra … This is a video, not a “read,” but a month ago, the AP did a story about Princeton’s laptop orchestra — which, as I understand it, is sort of the grandaddy of them all.

cecil-a-head4. A 2009 blog entry by James Hale got me interested in Cecil Taylor’s 1950s output. I’d heard some of this stuff without really listening. Hale, with the help of some research references, dissects the album Looking¬† Ahead! in a way that made me want to give it a good listen myself. It’s Cecil, all right, but with touches of swing that aren’t in the ’70s/’80s material I’ve always listened to. A nice eye-opener.

zorn605. Someone’s started a Zorn at 60 site that lists this year’s celebratory concerts, including a boatload in September and October in NYC.¬† (h/t: Avant Music News.)