SF Offside: Two Nights to Go

Source: SF Offside’s Twitter feed.
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The SF Offside festival is underway.

Night 1 is completed; tonight (Friday) the festival shifts to the Duende loft. Saturday’s show will be at the Community Music Center in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The highlight of the first night was apparently the Wiener Kids Family Band, in which Jordan Glenn’s trio was expanded to a glorious little mob. The Awaken Cafe, hosting the event, posted a blip on Vine that tells the story quite well.

Now, I have to admit I find animated GIFs rather annoying, so I won’t embed it here. But here’s where you can have a look:


SF Offside has been blogging little bios and interviews with the festival artists — for example, here’s one with the Howard Wiley Trio, which is playing at Duende tonight.  I love this idea, as it lets the audience get acquainted with the music they’ll be facing.

You can view the entire lineup here.