The Final Signal to Noise

stnThe back page of Signal to Noise magazine is a cartoon essay that pairs up a guest storyteller and a guest artist, usually telling the story of a musical experience.

Like a lot of magazine readers, I can’t resist turning to a back-page feature first. When I did that today, after receiving the Spring 2013 issue, I saw an opening panel that read; “I started Signal to Noise in 1997…” and I knew the time had finally arrived.

Pete Gershon is retiring the magazine after 15 glorious years, some more difficult than others. Signal to Noise has shrunk considerably as the economics of the record industry have collapsed, shrinking the budgets of the record labels that made up StN‘s primary advertising base. Perhaps more importantly, Gershon is moving on to a new phase in life, so maybe it’s simply time.

photo-1While it’s nice that the Web offers the potential for everybody to become a publisher, it’s still sad that the days are long gone when you could go to Tower Records and stumble upon a treasure such as StN. That’s how I got on board, many years ago, and it’s been a great ride. Thanks, Pete.

StN is going out with a bang, featuring The Residents — the newly not-so-anonymous Residents — as its cover story.

By the way, if you’ve got $100,000 to spare and didn’t hear about it last year: The Residents have a box set to die for. Act quickly, and they might even deliver to you personally.

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