Mainstream Love for The Residents

Two residents with Bimbo’s owner Graziano Cerchiai. Photo by Bimbo’s, lifted from
NBC Bay Area.

NBC Bay Area — the Channel 11 nightly news, basically — gave The Residents some love on Valentine’s Day.

I doubt there was an accompanying TV spot, but the NBC Bay Area web site ran a story that day about The Residents’ “40th Anniversary” tour, noting that no particular milestone of theirs appears to have happened exactly 40 years ago.

Cleverly, that gave writer Nicole Powers a chance to trace the band’s early history, getting more Residenty goodness onto the web site of — I can’t stress this enough — a TV nightly news operation.

Of course, why not give The Residents some ink? Their story is compelling even to the non-converted: A mysterious quartet that doesn’t reveal their identities yet has carved out a 40-plus-year career that’s included an impressive number of live performances. They deserve the publicity.

Find the story at NBC Bay Area, and catch the band’s Wonder of Weird tour at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco on Feb. 24.