Chris Forsyth in Town, on the Air

I mentioned this obliquely two days ago but thought I’d give it a headline, so to speak.

Guitarist Chris Forsyth‘s solo tour has come to the Bay Area, and he’ll be performing on KZSU-FM this Sunday, Jan. 13, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Pacific time. Tune in at 90.1FM if you’re local to Stanford University, or listen from anywhere at It’ll be a blast.

Or, you could actually go see him.  He’s in Berkeley on Saturday night, Jan. 12, playing at the space known as the Berkeley Arts Festival, right near campus. (See previous post.)

What can you expect? Shimmering, beautiful music. Looped electric guitar with touches of psych and country. Here’s a live performance of “Downs and Ups,” the liveliest song on his recent album, Kenzo Deluxe. His other pieces can be more meditative and swirling, and that’s good, too.