A Good Cause, Friday Night in Berkeley

Jay KorberTwo large improvising ensembles will play at Berkeley Arts Friday night, Jan. 11, in a benefit for musician Jay Korber, who’s been in a terrible accident.

Korber was hit by a street sweeping vehicle and dragged, suffering a shattered hip and other injuries. He’ll recover, but slowly, and any recompense from the city will probably take years.

I have to admit, I didn’t recognize Jay Korber’s name at first — but it turns out I’ve heard and appreciated his music. He’s the sax half of the sax/drums duo Ettrick.

So, a large gathering of friends will send Korber some good vibes Friday night.  Moe! Staiano will conduct a big ensemble of multiple guitars, multiple saxes, and multiple percussion players. I’m guessing it’ll be loud.

Gino Robair will then conduct a large ensemble of a more normal shape: Lots of woodwinds, lots of guitars, some electronics, etc.

It’s happening at the Berkeley Arts Festival on Friday, Jan. 11, starting 7:00 p.m.  The address is 2133 University Ave. near Shattuck.

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