Playlist: January 9, 2013

First time on the air since August.  A two-hour show, lots of fun as usual, and piled with albums recently reviewed on here.

Among the discoveries in KZSU rotation this time:

  • I hadn’t yet heard William Parker’s Essense of Ellington. Wow. It’s an Ellington tribute, obviously, played live by a big band that packs a serious punch, swings like hell, and of course adds some out-there soloing and some crazed moments (free-improv duet phases, for instance). “Take the A Train” evolves out of a seemingly unrelated, hard-digging riff; just as you’re settling into the riff’s swing, up comes the “A-Train” melody. Serious fun.
  • I liked what I heard from the new Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, and Peter Evans collaboration, Broken Toy. Offbeat composing made even more prickly by the trio. They’ve got a good sound going.
  • Chris Forsythe is in there as my way of promoting his in-studio appearance at KZSU: Sunday, Jan. 13, 6:00-7:00 p.m. Pacific time. Did I mention that before? No? Well, it’s happening, the day after his appearance at Berkeley Arts. He’ll bring his solo guitar act, his gorgeous shimmering images of blues/psych waves pulsing outward in slow motion, to our inner sanctum. Tune in at

The full playlist is on Zookeeper (KZSU’s music database), or, what the heck, here it is in full. Album titles link to Zookeeper entries (indicated by the little “i” boxes) or to entries on this blog.

Artist Track Album/Label
Yao, John Quintet In The Now Album Review In The Now
Innova Recordings

Goldberg, Ben Habituary Speech Communication
Klare, Jan Vamp Album Review Shoe
Red Toucan
Johnston, Darren Broken Edge of the Forest
Clean Feed

Coleman, Ornette School Days Broken Shadows
Shuffle Demons, The Shanghai Shuffle Album Review Cluster Funk

New Monsters Mirror Earth New Monsters
Walter / Halvorson / Evans Broken Toy Album Review Mechanical Malfunction
Thirsty Ear Communication
Formanek, Michael Pong Small Places

Romus, Rent / Lords Of Outland If Ornette Grew Cacti Album Review Thee Unhip
9 Winds Records
— (11:00 a.m.) —
Abbasi, Rez Trio Divided Attention Album Review Continuous Beat
Enja Records
Evangelista, Karl/Grex Hymn Taglish

Philips, Dave & Freedance Pyramids Album Review Confluence
Innova Recordings
Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Motoko Honda Biting Ants Polarity Taskmasters

Parker, William Orchestra Essence Of A Train / Take The A Train / Ebony Interlude Album Review Essence Of Ellington: Live In Milano
Aum Fidelity

Forsyth, Chris East Kensington Run Down Album Review Kenzo Deluxe
Northern Spy
Rudd, Xavier Butterfly Spirit Bird
Side One Dummy Records
Green Mitchell Trio, The Coom De Craw Album Review Green Mitchell Trio, The
Edgetone Records

Rivers / Holland / Altschul First Set: Part 4 Album Review Reunion: Live In New York
Pi Recordings

(I’d stopped posting complete playlists because they screw up the search results. Not Google’s results, but the searches within this site itself — a function you probably don’t use, but I sure as hell do! and it wasn’t useful to me to search for “Tim Berne” and get one or two entries buried among a dozen playlists. It was too much like a Highlights find-the-pictures puzzle. Now that my on-air appearances have become so infrequent, I figure I can give it another shot.)

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