Future Shows, Past Shows

Catching up after a week in NYC…

Two interesting shows coming up:

* Karl Evangelista’s Taglish — at The Jazzschool in Berkeley, Friday, Nov. 16. Taglish, also the title of Evangelista’s latest album, is a mix of Filipino folk music, jazz, prog, and 20th-century adventurousness.

The “jazz” part figures quite heavily on the album — “Reb” has a swingy big-band sound and vocals by Rei Scampavia (Evangelisa’s wife and the other half of Grex), while “Dreams (Part C)” has a heavier, modern sound with long composed lines over a chugging riff. The rest of the band has quite a jazz pedigree too: Francis Wong (sax), John-Carlos Perea (bass), and Jordan Glenn (drums).

Evangelista describes Taglish as being in the extended-jazz vein of Asian Improv Records, which for years has released jazz tinged with Asian musics and a touch of experimentalism. It’s good stuff covering a wide variety of musical styles and ideas, staying true to concepts of melody and song while tossing in some free-jazz elements as well.

* Lisa Mezzacappa and Marika Hughes — Performing separately as part of the New Frequencies Fest at Yerba Buena Gardens, also on Nov. 16.

Marika Hughes is a cellist and singer who’s played with Charming Hostess and Carla Kihlstedt’s 2 Foot Yard. She’ll be performing songs as well as solo cello works written for her. Bassist Mezzacappa will be playing with Fay Victor, a jazz vocalist with a taste for edgy experimenting.

One show that’s passed, that I’m sorry to have missed blogging about or attending:

* Klaxon Mutant All-Stars and These Are Our Hours — The “Offside 2×5” concert presented by Live ‘n’ Local. A follow-up to the SF Offside festival, featuring a couple of composition-oriented jazz quintets. Details are on the Fenderhardt blog.

So, yes, I was in New York, after superstorm Sandy, solely in parts of town inland enough to have avoided any real damage. I saw Jim Black perform twice, once with Nels Cline. I caught a show at the Village Vanguard. I wandered all around Central Park to hear jazz standards. I saw a string group led by the aforementioned Marika Hughes. I got exposed to a nifty little art spot that’s opened up in downtown Brooklyn.

I’ve saved some notes and photos that will probably make it onto this blog over time. Meanwhile, I’ve got a small stack of CDs from Downtown Music Gallery to work through. Glad to be back in the California sun.