R.I.P. David S. Ware

Well, damn:

Very sad news from Patricia Parker.

Tonight, a giant has fallen. David S. Ware, the great saxophonist, died tonight, October 18, 2012. What an incredible loss! What a great musician and spirit! His tremendous sound, his spirit, his music, is irreplaceable.

Music holds Us

when there is more information we will let you know.

That’s from the Jazz Corner bulletin board, posted by Bernard Lyons.

Peter Hum of the Ottawa Citizen has posted a more full obituary, with video clips. It’s worth a read. I haven’t found independent confirmation yet.

Ware’s life was dramatically saved three years ago by a kidney transplant from a stranger, and it’s good that he was able to keep making music in the years he had left. I ended up following that saga on this blog, so here are the postings, if you haven’t heard it all before:

It’s saddening to think of yet another legend — a very big one, this time — who got just a fraction of the recognition he deserved, but it’s comforting to know Ware did find an audience. Branford Marsalis even got Ware recorded on Columbia Records, a well deserved coup. David S. Ware made a sound that needed to be heard, and it was heard, and that’s something to celebrate.


UPDATE: Accolades are coming in from all over the Web. Mike at Avant Music News compiled a good collection of links.