SFEMF 2012

I haven’t been looking ahead in the concert schedule lately, due to the simple hopelessness of not being able to attend anything for a while. While I do enjoy putting up little previews of shows, they also serve as daydreaming-out-loud kind of blogging, where I muse about the cool stuff I’d like to go see. (And hey, sometimes I actually do.)

But knowing that the past couple of weeks were out of the question, I didn’t look ahead to notice the start of the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (SFEMF) on the horizon. Now the horizon is upon us and nearly past — which breaks the metaphor, but just go with it.

I had to miss Thursday night’s show at SF MOMA, which would have been awesome. Sigh. The remaining SFEMF concert schedule:

Saturday, September 8th, 8pm
BRAVA THEATER CENTER, 2781 24th Street (at York), San Francisco
Dieter MoebiusRichard LermanLoud ObjectsCheryl Leonard

Sunday, September 9th, 8pm
NegativwobblylandJames FeiChuck Johnson

Stray thoughts:

We had Negativwobblyland on KZSU’s Day of Noise in February. It’s Wobbly plus Peter Conheinm of Negativland.

Cheryl Leonard‘s work includes sounds generated from natural objects: water, sand, leaves. She’s the one who took a trip to Antarctica to explore sonic possibilities there.

James Fei is a saxophonist who creates thoroughly modern works (at least that’s true of the stuff I’ve heard), but he also performs with electronics.

(sfSound is also concluding their John Cage centennial series with a Sept. 20 concert; ‘been meaning to catch up with that series as well. That’s a separate topic.)