Podcast: The KZSU Fred Frith Special

Here’s the Fred Frith special that I aired on KZSU on Aug. 20, discussing the album Gravity and the Aug. 25 special show at Slim’s to celebrate it.

‘Couple things to note:

The special aired in two parts over the course of an hour. I kept them separate in the two files above.

It totaled about 48 minutes, and I added an intermission of some music from Aaron Novik’s Thorny Brocky, which Aaron had kindly provided. (Right after the show, I gave Dominique Leone some airtime as well.)

The version you’re getting here is squeezed down into MP3 format, with the Gravity songs faded down early. (If you’d prefer to just download them, here they are: Gravity-part1 and Gravity-part2.)

If you have no idea what any of this is about, I explain it in “Fred Frith: Gravity Rises.”