Prog/RIO Shows, All in a Row

It turns out Fred Frith’s Gravity show on Aug. 25 (which I just recently mentioned) is part of a small run of Bay Area prog-rock (or Rock in Opposition) shows:

Fri. Aug. 24 — Jack o’ the Clock and Reconnaissance Fly (who have a recently minted Web site!) and Vegan Butcher at the Starry Plough, Berkeley.

Sat. Aug. 25 —Gravity Reimagined,” performed by Fred Frith, Dominique Leone‘s band, and Aaron Novik‘s Thorny Brocky, at Slim’s, San Francisco.

Tue. Aug. 28 — miRthkon — who did complete that DVD and have spent a couple of weeks on tour to support it — at the Elbo Room, San Francisco. Kayo Dot is headlining.

I don’t closely follow the RIO scene, but it seems like an unusually rich few days for that kind of music. Rejoice!

And finally, even though I just mentioned it… I’m doing a special about Fred Frith’s Gravity and that Slim’s show.  It’ll air Monday, Aug. 20, at 7:00 p.m. Pacific on KZSU-FM, and yes you can listen via the Web.

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