The Read: Aug. 13, 2012

1. The Financial Times, of all papers, did a profile on Robert Fripp. He’s paused his music career, ostensibly because a long-fought rights squabble with Universal has become too distracting. (Hat tip @InciteOut and @urbannerds on Twitter.)

2. On his Cardboard Music blog, Joe Higham reviews the latest from saxophonist Aram Shelton. Higham is one of the contributors to Stef’s Free Jazz blog.

3. A posthumous trio release from Pi Recordings that features Sam Rivers is on jazz critic Peter Hum’s “10 eagerly awaited releases” list, which technically has 11 listed. The rest of the list looks pretty interesting too.

4. More from Pi: Hafez Modirzadeh‘s album, Post-Chromordial Out!, has been getting lots of critical acclaim. The music is based on a mix of Persian and Western scales, building a sound that The New York Times describes as “a slightly warped vinyl LP playing at a wavering r.p.m.” Vijay Iyer even played a specially tuned piano for the session. The album is the culmination of Modirzadeh’s life’s work, as PRI explains — and while official PR materials aren’t always useful, the extensive press release and bio for Post-Chromordial Out! tells a rich story of Modirzadeh developing his sound, then getting the feeling that “his life’s work was slowly dying on the vine.”

(Note that I did not start that item with a “‘nother slice of Pi” pun. Don’t say I never did anything to make the world a better place.)

5. Matt Mitchell got on my radar due to his work with Tim Berne. He did a recent gig with his own trio, reviewed in The New York Times.

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