Sounds from The Bran

Hopefully, when you click the video below, it will have more than “1” views.

It’s bran(…)pos, testing out a (relatively) newly acquired synthesizer.

I happened to be on Twitter right after he linked to the video, so I checked it out. I knew bran back when he was “The Bran (Another Plight of Medics) POS,” creating noise pieces from distorted samples of his screaming voice. Cool stuff.

Anyway, I happened to be the first person to view the video. Not that that matters now, but hey, I got to feel special for a few minutes. And I liked the video — with the self-run camera work, it’s like a little mini-tour of the synthesizer. Hopefully, it’ll keep you noisily entertained for a few minutes.

As for bran(…)pos’ voice work, you can check out, and you can see him perform in the August 31 installment of Pamela Z’s ROOM series. That show will focus on vocal artists.

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