Outsound’s Upcoming Festival: In the Field

The Outsound New Music Summit is coming back, July 15-21 in San Francisco.

Two video interviews related to the 2012 Summit are posted on OutSound’s YouTube page. That same page has the archive of past videos — including the 2011 performance I attended and past interviews.

Here’s one with violinist Christina Stanley, who will be leading a string quartet and string duo, each performing her graphical scores. (Thursday, July 19.) Her experience with viola gets mentioned. She starts discussing the graphical scores after 16:16.

Benjamin Ethan Tinker will be part of the “Thwak! Bome! Chime!” program on Friday, July 20.

Very detailed descriptions of the entire Summit program are available at outsound.org/summit/12/schedule_details12.html. You get a lot more information than is normally provided for a concert or festival, with sound samples, to boot. It’s worth spending some time there.