Get In the Flow

Sacramento’s In the Flow Festival has started up a blog this year. It’s a nice way to publicize the event for weeks in advance (the festival runs May 9-14) and to introduce the artists one by one.

You’ll find the blog at

It starts with the natural question of what the In the Flow Festival is — and specifically, whether its mix of improvisation, folk-inspired creativity, and poetry counts as “jazz.” It’s exactly the question Socrates and Plato contemplated that fateful day at the beach, and, well, you know the rest.

Wait — you don’t? Then you’d better get reading.

Already the blog has covered some great Bay Area and former Bay Area musicians who’ll be trekking to the Central Valley to participate. The festival kicks off with a poetry session Wednesday, May 9, and ends with an intimate, small show at Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar (a regular Sacramento creative-music haunt) on Monday, May 14. In between are shows packed with music, including 10 acts apiece on Saturday and Sunday, and an extra three-set gig at a second venue on Saturday.

Among the bands already profiled: Bristle, which recently got mentioned in my own blog, and Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland. There are writeups about The Lost Trio’s planned all-Monk set and about the latest band from free-jazz dynamo Marco Eneidi. The Los Angeles quartet Polarity Taskmasters (recently mentioned here) should be making an appearance at some point too.

What it all adds up to is a wide variety of music presented as a community quiltwork, showing off a diverse range of talents and creativity. It’s what a festival should be, in other words.

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