Signal to Noise Is Back

“Back” might be misleading. No one expected it to not be back!

But after seeing Signal to Noise, my favorite music magazine, shrink with the times — from monthly publication, to quarterly, and now to semi-annually — finding it in my mailbox last week was like an unexpected visit from a friend who’d been on vacation. The magazine’s format, style, and mission are all the same, packed with the same goodness including features, live-show reviews, and CD reviews. In other words, it feels like a normal issue, which is good.

Part of what’s inside:

  • A Tim Berne feature written by Christian Carey, focusing on the current Snakeoil band.
  • A feature on the Houston improv scene, past and present, featuring bassist Damon Smith, formerly of the Bay Area.
  • A story on Loren Connors.

Big thanks to publisher Pete Gershon for keeping the faith, and to all the sponsors for keeping StN alive.

Find out more about the current issue (“current” will have hopefully changed, if you read this after October 2012) at