Bay Area Music in Space

Anteater is a local jazz trio who’s sending their debut CD into space.

The CD, which just came out, is going to be included in KEO, a time capsule that’s being sent into earth orbit. Literally anyone is welcome to submit a message for the capsule, which is intended to crash back onto earth 50,000 years from now.

Whether this will actually happen is anybody’s guess. KEO has to get launched first, and the date (according to the Wikipedia link above) keeps getting pushed out, with 2014 being the latest target. KEO seems to be run by an independent organization, as opposed to, say, a government group that would have access to actual rockets and the like, so like I said — whether the ambitious project even happens is anybody’s guess.

More in the here-and-now, you can see Anteater play on Sunday, April 15 in Oakland, in the latest installment of the Actual Jazz Series. The saxophonist in the group is Jacob Zimmerman, who first called the Actual Series to my attention; he’s accompanied by Sam Ospovot on drums and Kim Cass on bass.

You can hear a couple of Anteater tracks on Zimmerman’s site.  The music blends some interesting composed complexity with the open feel of a jazz trio. See for yourself on Sunday, at Actual Cafe. (Remember, they’ve got a weekend no-laptops policy.)

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