Vijay Anderson Taking His Band to Europe

Drummer Vijay Anderson is trying to raise funds to take his Touch and Go Sextet overseas, to the Novara Jazz Festival in Italy. Donations at the IndieGoGo site can be made through March 26.

This video has some text that explains the situation (it starts at about 1:10).

Your donation will go to the band regardless of whether they make their goal (unlike Kickstarter, which is a bit more like a challenge grant). The reason to do it through IndieGoGo is for the usual assortment of goodies — in this case, an unreleased live recording and your pick of free CDs. There’s also a drum lesson up for offer, although it looks like no one’s taken Anderson up on it yet.

I’ve written before about his Hard-Boiled Wonderland album, which struck me as more improvisation-based or at least very loose in defining musicians’ parts. Touch and Go’s music is more about Anderson’s jazz compositions. There’s more info and a brief interview with Anderson on the Porto Franco blog.

The band consists of musicians who are great bandleaders in their own right: Ben Goldberg (clarinet), Lisa Mezzacappa (bass), Darren Johnston (trumpet), Aaron Bennett (sax), and Sheldon Brown (clarinet). It’s like an all-star team being sent to Novara, enjoying an international stage for showing off Bay Area jazz. Best of luck to them.