Hi, I’m Back

So, I’ve been out. Sorry for the lack of updates. The day job hit one of those periods.

I’m in Los Angeles right now, sharing Southwest Gate 1 with, apparently, the Stanford women’s basketball team and lots of Stanford students (the band, possibly). Somehow, I don’t think my KZSU avant-jazz credentials will impress any of them.

Anyway, the point is: I’m still around, and I did manage to attend three shows recently (including one here in L.A.), and I’ll try to post pictures and/or words soon.

On the down side, I’m going on an unexpected trip to New York next week. It won’t be as draining as this past trip was, but it does mean I’ll miss important Bay Area shows happening on March 14 (another ReCardiacs Fly show) and March 15 (Jim Ryan’s new bands).

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