Moe Staiano / sfSound / Grex

So much happening this weekend, including about 100 shows, it seems, this Saturday night. Go visit Bay Area Improvisers Network or the Transbay Calendar for full details.

Here’s a handful of picks from me, but believe me, the non-mentioned shows have a lot of promise too. (CJ Borosque! Rent Romus! Phillip Greenlief!)

Moe! Staiano, White Pee, Marches
Fri., Oct. 21, 9:00 p.m.
@ Starry Plough, Berkeley

Remember the Moe! Staiano project called Surplus 1980? It’s the thing I tried to get people to help fund.  Well, it’s out, and while Surplus 1980 won’t be a regular touring band kind of thing, Moe is doing at least one show, in honor of the CD release.  Great thing about the Plough: Kitchen’s open until late (like 11pm, IIRC).  Marches is an Aram Shelton jazz quartet including keyboard; the sound sample on that link is a slow, marchy kind of piece. White Pee, I don’t know… but it’s probably loud.

Sat., Oct. 22, 8:00 p.m.
@ Noe Valley Ministry, 1021 Sanchez St., San Francisco

The final SFsound show of the year brings the to Noe Valley Ministry, a nice spot for music. (The venue’s Web site mentions music having moved to another location, but a letter from sfSounder Matt Ingalls stresses that Sanchez St. is indeed the place to be.) They’ll play older modern-classical pieces by the likes of Iannis Xenakis and Stefan Wolpe, and new ones from SFsound members.

Grex, Wiener Kids, and Alee Kareem & The Science Fiction
Sat., Oct. 22
@ Swarm Gallery (560 2nd St., Oakland)

It’s the CD release party for Grex’s second full-length effort. As a duo, Grex has an artsy singer/songwriter vibe with occasional flurries of loud electric guitar. They’ve also got a quintet incarnation that puts a more jazzy spin on the tunes. Find out more by hearing both sides of Grex on Bandcamp.

Wiener Kids was mentioned here, and their last show got this nice writeup at the Fenderhardt blog. Alee Kareen was the bassist in Moe! Staiano’s band, Mute Socialite, and was quite good at it, so I’m curious what his band’s got cooking up. (Mute Socialite … ah, memories of 2008…)

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