Dogon A.D. Becomes a CD

Whoa. It’s out.

After years of obscurity, after foiled attempts by Tim Berne to get the rights… Julius Hemphill’s 1972 album, Dogon A.D., is again legitimately available. It’s been released by a Chicago label called International Phonograph, in a gatefold sleeve that replicates the LP’s cover (and apparently also includes the artwork from the original LP).

They’re printing a limited edition of 1,500, according to the latest newsletter from Downtown Music Gallery. (Of course, it’s available from other sources as well, like Dusty Grooves in Chicago.)

I know many of you — OK, many of us — have managed to get copies of this music despite its being out of print. But I’d still implore you to get a CD copy, preferably from one of the outlets like DMG or Dusty Grooves rather than some uncaring online behemoth. Consider it an investment, a vote that says it’s worthwhile to keep good music alive. Don’t let the American Idol watchers win!

(See also “Tracking ‘Dogon A.D.’“)

2 thoughts on “Dogon A.D. Becomes a CD

  1. I’m eternally grateful to Tim Berne making this available several years ago via his Screwgun site as a download. I was excited about this reissue and then life distracted me. When I went to buy a copy two weeks ago I was shocked to see it selling for big bucks! I didn’t realize it was a limited edition. Thank god DMG had a copy left. The sound is pretty bad (distortion, clipping, drop-outs, channel hopping), but the music is near perfect to my ears.

  2. Glad you got a copy, Shaun. Yeah, I guess the sound isn’t great. For me, I was just happy to get the music into my hands tangibly. It’s a nice piece of history.

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