Get Your Electronic Music On

I’m struggling to find room in my calendar for this year’s San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (which continues Sept. 9 through 11 at Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco). As I type this, I’ve already missed the Sept. 8 opening night at SF MoMA.

Opening night would have been especially nice to see. Tom Djll and Tim Perkis played some tapes, found in a public radio vault, of old John Cage stories, accompanying them with a “Cage-appropriate soundtrack derived from the I Ching,” as the promo blurb put it.

And Dina Emerson performed Milton Babbitt’s “Philomel,” a 1964 composition for soprano, recorded soprano, and synthesizer. ┬áIt’s apparently his best known work. But, knowing as I did that I couldn’t make it to that show, I settled for buying a copy of the piece from eMusic.

There’s plenty more to see and hear for the rest of the festival, which continues through Sunday, Sept. 11. Known quantities include Kevin Drumm and Christian Marclay. Among the folks you might not have heard of: the female quartet called 0Th (zeroth), whose album Tammy was well received by us at KZSU.

A random snippet of what to expect: Oakland-based artist Greg Kowalsky plans to create a drone piece using a jew’s harp — not by plucking it as usual, but by subjecting it to a pulse wave generator. He’ll be performing in Sunday’s program.