Playlist: August 24, 2011

A consciously “jazzier” show this time. It’s just the mood I was in.

Full playlist can be seen here. Some highlights:

* Steve Coleman & Five Elements — “Formation 1” — The Mancy of Sound (Pi, 2011) ….. KZSU’s own DJ Fo finds this “more cohesive and successful than 2010’s Harvesting Semblances and Affinities.”  I haven’t given it a full listen yet, so I’ll be interested to see if I get the same impression.

* Nathan Clevenger Group — “Fossil Strategies” — The Evening Earth (Evander) ….. Always good to give a little love to local musicians. I discussed this album in January. I wonder if the title has anything to do with the swingy, old-fashioned elements of the composed head.

* Cecil Taylor — “Enter Evening (Soft Line Structure)” — Unit Structures (Blue Note, 1966) ….. I was going to go with “Steps,” the album opener, which goes more for the jugular. But it felt too aggressive after the swingy Clevenger piece. I’ve always liked this track, which is soft but not actually slow, when you concentrate on it. Hope listeners had the patience to drift with it for 11 minutes.

* Monoswezi — “Xai Xai” — Monoswezi (Parallell [yes, with four ‘L’s] 2011) ….. African music augmented by sax and clarinet. The African part comes from the Shona people of Zimbabwe — very percussion-heavy stuff, as you’d imagine. A liquid and serious sound, and the horn additions don’t try to turn it into soupy jazz.

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