Back On-Air

I’ll be doing a fill-in show at KZSU-FM on Wednesdays 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Pacific, starting this week and running through Sept. 21*.

Yes, I’m back on the air!  It’s going to be awkward. There really is a sense of timing and rhythm to radio DJ’ing, and it takes a while to get your chops back after even a few weeks’ break. I’ll also have to take time to sift through the newest music at the station, to see what I’ve missed this summer.

So, please tune in:  90.1 FM if you’re on the peninsula, in San Jose, down Highway 101 (north of Gilroy), or in the East Bay. for the rest of the world and especially for office-dwellers. Nothing cheers co-workers more than a generous chunk of Tim Berne music followed by a hardy blast of Merzbow.

(* The Stanford students will be back by Sept. 21, so I might cede that day to one of them.)