Quick Update: Past, Present, Future

Busy lately.  Here’s my news of the immediate past, present & future:

I saw Carla Kihlstedt’s “Necessary Monsters” last night. Captivating stuff, very much meant to be seen as a theatrical production (although if they do get it released on CD, that’ll be good to hear too).  Disappointing to see about a 70 percent full theater rather than a full house — Yerba Buena just isn’t that big a place — but the crowd response at the end was enthusiastic. More later, hopefully.

Today, I’m heading up to San Francisco for Out Fest. It’s a five-concert series that’s running Sunday afternoons, July 31 through Aug. 28, at Bird & Beckett Books. Click that link for details.

Upcoming: Karl Evangelista is curating a new series at the Subterranean Art House in Berkeley. The venue has kept an open ear to improv/experimental music all along, but it’s nice to see a regular series emerge there. Debut is Aug. 3, with The Lost Trio, Jacob Zimmerman Quintet, and the Lisa Mezzacappa/Noah Phillips Duo.

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