Extra Dose of Tim Berne

Cornelia Street Cafe has started podcasting some of the great music acts they’ve hosted. And in installment #3, posted in February, you can hear a roughly 16-minute excerpt from Los Totopos, Tim Berne’s recent quartet.

The piece they’ve excerpted shows the usual Berne trademarks — in fact, the structure is reminiscent of old Bloodcount stuff, with composed group segments separated by some wide-open improvisation. Familiar territory, yet new: a spritely composition, agile piano from Mitch Mitchell, and Oscar Noriega mixing it up with Berne on sax. Nice drum work from Ches Smith, and I’m not just saying that as a way to get his name mentioned; check out the cool tuned percussion he adds near the end.

It’s another nice tidbit for those of us awaiting the eventual Los Totopos album, possibly arriving in 2012.

Elsewhere on there, you can find a nice snippet from the Tom Rainey Trio, with some dense, quiet playing by Mary Halvorson and Ingrid Laubrock.