Bobby Previte: Terminals

Drummer/composer Bobby Previte has an interesting new project in the works, being prepped for a March 28 performance. It’s called “Terminals, Part 1: Departures,” and there’s an interesting promo video out about it:

Previte’s inspiration started with the shapes of airport terminal maps, the kind of thing that would strike the mind of a musician who spends so much time traveling. In the video, Previte also discusses his musical directions with the piece — talking, for instance, about the link between classical concertos and improvisation.

And at the end, you get to see him play a building with drumsticks. Very cool.

The “Terminals” performance will feature SO Percussion, John Medeski, Zeena Parkins, Jen Shyu, and DJ Olive. If you’re in NYC, it sounds like something to look out for.

Previte is giving updates on the project via Facebook and also via Twitter: @rankhypocricy.

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