Reptet, and a Busy Bay Area Night

I’m discovering this only now, at 11:00 a.m., but I figured I should get something posted in case someone’s doing last-minute searching…

Reptet, an exciting Seattle jazz band, is winding up their west-coast tour. They’ll be in Oakland tonight, Saturday Jan. 22, at Cafe Van Cleef (1621 Telegraph Ave., downtown Oakland).

It’s one of six creative music happenings tonight in the area. (See below.)

Back in 2007, I saw Reptet at the Revolution Cafe and described them thusly:

“Really entertaining group from Seattle that deals in accessible jazzy themes and wild free-jazz solos. Pieces on the CD sound so polite and polished — and they’re played that way live, too, but the live show adds a fervor and a sense of humor that can’t be captured in the studio.”

(You’ll find further gushing by me here.)

There’s been a 50% turnover in the six-person band, but judging from the writeup got in L.A., they’re still edgy and fun. Here’s an old rehearsal video that shows off the band’s personality.

I honestly don’t know what time the show starts, but Cafe Van Cleef is your usual open-til-2 a.m. bar, so I would guess they’re starting at 9:00 p.m. or later.

That’s good, because it would give you time to go see one of the five other interesting shows happening tonight. If you didn’t think you had plans, now you do: Consider checking out one of these, then hot-footing it to downtown Oakland (near where Telegraph and Broadway converge) for Reptet.

Listings taken verbatim from BayImproviser/Transbay Calendar:

Sat 1/22 8:00 PMTemescal Arts Center [511 48th Street between Shattuck and Telegraph Oakland]
— THE UNCOMFORTABLE ZONES OF FUN experiments in experience/participation performance. Frank Moore, world-known shaman performance artist, will conduct improvised passions of musicians, actors, dancers, and audience members in a laboratory setting to create altered realities of fusion beyond taboos.

Sat 1/22 8:00 PMCNMAT [1750 Arch Street Berkeley]
— Music for Keen Ears. Goodheart, Raskin, Tarasov Trio with David Wessel. The renowned drummer Valdimir Tarasov is visiting from Lithuania and enabling this trio to perform again in the Bay Area. David Wessel will be joining them on electronics as they continue the jewel like music that rewards the keen ear. The Rova Saxophone Quartet will be performing Jon Raskin‘s new composition, “To The Right Of The Blue Wall” and other recent works.

Sat 1/22 8:00 PMTrinity Chapel [2320 Dana Street Berkeley]
Grex was formed in and around the Mills College music axis, emphasizing cross-idiomatic conceits and melding elements of disparate sources–free jazz, early minimalism, impressionist music, garage rock, electroacoustic improvisation, folk balladry–into something stark and eldritch. The duo (Karl Evangelista & Rei Scampavia) will be joined by local performers Jordan Glenn, Jason Hoopes, and Cory Wright.

Sat 1/22 8:00 PMMeridian Gallery [535 Powell Street SF]
— The Meridian Gallery presents the Thingamajigs Performance Group (TPG), which will offer new works that combine Eastern sensibilities with modern American technologies and performance practices. Creating pieces in a group collaborative process that sometimes incorporate voice and other unusual musical instruments, this ensemble of musicians expands and contracts within each performance situation. This concert will feature works written for instruments created with made/found and recycled objects, Asian wind instruments and homemade electronics.

Sat 1/22 8:00 PM Pirate Cat Radio Cafe [2781 21st Street San Francisco CA]
Cartoon Justice live on Pirate Cat Radio and At the Pirate Cat Radio Cafe in san francisco playing acoustic instruments live processed with laptop/electronics…electro-acoustic process meets shamanic-noise-jazz improv. [The location is the Revolution Cafe, basically; the place where I first saw Reptet.]

It’s frustrating to the musicians when events clash like this, but the silver lining is that there’s enough going on, musically, to create these busy nights in the first place. Now, if only a few more venues like 21 Grand (in dormancy, sadly) could get support from their respective cities…

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