Keeping the FMP Catalog Alive

The FMP catalog has done some strong, extensive work in documenting the great improvisers of our time. That includes lots of European creative music from the likes of Peter Brotzmann, but also American masters, including an extensive set of Cecil Taylor recordings in permutations from huge orchestras down to a duo with Gunter “Baby” Sommer. (Does he have a solo album in there as well? I’m not sure.)

For all of that gushing, though, I don’t have many FMP albums. They weren’t easy to find in the States; they were expensive; and, apparently, they’re now gone. Out of print.

Enter Destination: Out, the terrific blog for free jazz analysis and sample tracks. They’re offering FMP albums for download, for $10 apiece — actually $8 if you move before Oct. 4.

“We’re be rolling out a couple of additional titles every few weeks. We’re starting with two favorites, from two key bands in the FMP stable — the essential trios of Peter Kowald, Wadada Leo Smith, and Gunter Sommer; and Schlippenbach, Parker, and Paul Lovens.”

You’ll find the full explanation here.  The Destination: Out download store is hosted at Bandcamp.  (You can give the albums complete listens, as well.)