SFEMF the 11th

I don’t know a lot about the artists being featured at this year’s San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. But the poster is pretty damn cool, don’t you think?

After 10 years of doing this, the SFEMF has built up an impressive roster of artists who’ve performed.

From this year’s slate, the one name I immediately recognize is Caroliner Rainbow, more fully listed on the program as “Caroliner Rainbow Shadow Walking over Waves Somewhere.”

Their presence tells you that the whole EMF won’t be just sine waves and staticky sounds. Caroliner rocks, if in a shrill, incomprehensible way surrounded by maddenlingly day-glo colors scientifically chosen to drive you insane. (Go ahead: have a look. It just screams “date night,” doesn’t it?)

Not that the sine waves and staticky sounds aren’t cool. I do appreciate some of the stark, mathematical sounds that come from the sine wave camp, and the louder, staticky stuff can be fun to experience.

The SF Electronic Music Festival happens Sept. 9-11 at Brava Theater, San Francisco. There’s an accompanying installation that opens Sept. 8 at Brava, and a related event at the de Young Museum on Sept. 10.

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