Absent from the Outsound New Music Summit

You have to understand: We were planning a 16-day trip involving two destinations and a lot of last-minute bookings.  So while I did manage to host Rent Romus on my radio show to talk about this year’s Outsound New Music Summit, I didn’t scrounge up the time to actually note it on the blog here.  My apologies for that.

Too bad, because I have a lot of admiration for Romus’ efforts. This was the ninth summit, consisting of four varied nights of music organized along themes (a vocalists’ night, a drone night, etc.) and prefaced by two workshops: “Touch the Gear,” where you can find out how those electronics noises get made, and a demonstration by Tom Nunn on how to build an inexpensive electroacoustic instrument called the skatchbox. (Here’s my explanation of the skatchbox.)

The Summit itself intersected my time out of town, so attending the shows was out of the question. But the CatSynth blog has provided some nice detailed reviews:

Touch the Gear Expo

Blurred Lines (music and experimental film)

Multivox (vocalists, vocal groups)

Soundscapes (electronic music)

Lots of detail, lots of pictures — you really should check it out.  The one Outsound performance night that I couldn’t find is the “Sound in a Blink” program of July 22, which featured some L.A. out-jazz folks including Alex Cline and G.E. Stinson (drums/electric guitar duo) and Emily Hay and Motoko Honda (flute/piano).

And if you want to know about something I actually did, here’s my review of one night from last year’s Outsound summit.

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