Strange Music in Mountain View

It’s true — bassist Steuart Liebig is swinging through town, up from L.A. with some friends, and he’s got a gig:  Friday, May 14, 7:00 p.m., at the Dana Street Roasting Company (744 W. Dana St., Mountain View).

The gig that will get more attention is tonight (May 13), when Nels Cline shows up. He and G.E. Stinson (guitars) and Scott Amendola (drums), plus Liebig, are/were the improv group L. Stinkbug back in the ’90s. They’ve all continued playing together in all sorts of combinations, but they’re reviving L. Stinkbug for a show at 21 Grand in Oakland.

There will be a second L. Stinkbug show in Sacramento, at Beatnik Studios as part of “Flow Fest.”

But the surprise bonus gig is the Dana Street one.  I can’t imagine they host free improv very often — or maybe the group that night is something more structured?  It will be a trio Brotulid: Liebig (bass and “technology”), Andrew Pask (woodwinds and more technology), and G.E. Stinson (guitars, technology, and beats).

I’m guessing Brotulid will play improv, but you never know. Liebig has done serious chamber music, and he’s also done a rocking type of free jazz with his band The Mentones (think Ornette Coleman played with blues guitar and a harmonica). Either way, it’s nice to see Dana Street giving some interesting music a haven, even if only for one night.