Tim Berne’s Latest

New tracks by Tim Berne, posted online! This time with Los Totopos: Tim Berne (reeds), Oscar Noriega (clarinet), Ches Smith (percussion), Matt Mitchell (keys). You’ll find them at the top of the news section on Screwgun Records‘ main page.

The mellow group improvisation on “Roulette Two” is just sublime, lent a chamber-music air by Matt Mitchell’s keyboards and Oscar Noriega’s clarinet. It builds up to a gorgeous surge (and seems to be cut off during the climax).

“Roulette Three” gradually builds into something bouncy, confusing, and just delightful. From there, it’s into some stern moods, with the piano adding a nice formalism to the unison lines.

“The Mini Bar Incident” has a windup of a finish, with a very Berne-like theme that lurches along in an odd-time rocking manner.

Check them out while they’re available; I would guess they’re being featured only temporarily.

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