Upcoming Bay Area Shows

This is not an exhasutive list; it’s just a clutch of shows that I’d love to see if only it were a five-day weekend.  You need more than this.  Go read The Bay Area Improvisers’ Network (bayimproviser.com) or the Transbay Calendar (.org), and bookmark them, and check them often so that the fuzzy happy goodwill of the local music community doesn’t wear off.


Weds. 1/27 — Myra Melford’s Be Bread at the new Freight & Salvage, Berkeley.  You already know about this.

Thu. 1/28 — Full Moon Concerts return to the Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco.  Polly Moller organized 12 shows last year based around the themes of different types of full moons (here’s the Long Night’s Moon, from December), and she’s apparently up for another cycle. First up, it’s the Cold Moon: “Experience the lunar radiations and transmissions of Thomas Dimuzio and Scott Arford as seen only by the ear.”

Fri. 1/29 and Sat. 1/30 — Edmund Welles: The Bass Clarinet Quartet at the Hillside Club, Berkeley.  Mu-hahahahaha!  Unlike Beth Custer’s Clarinet Thing (previously noted), Edmund Welles is all bass clarinets and draws from an even wider musical stretch. Including metal. They’re not above doing a Spinal Tap cover (in intricate, meticulously transcribed form, I might add).  It’s been a 10-year labor of love for leader Cornelius Boots, and you need to read about it in this East Bay Express article.  (Separately, you can read what I thought of the band in 2008.)

Sat. 1/30 — Aram Shelton brings his Active Music series (previous reference) to Bluesix, a cozy venue situated in the parlor room of a SF Mission District duplex.  Shelton’s Marches will play, followed by the free jazz of Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch (previously noted here).

Sun. 1/31 — Citta di Vitti at Cafe Royale, San Francisco.  A trio organized by Phillip Greenlief (sax) and inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni’s films. Expect a spare but warm, jazzy sound, embellished with some rich sax soloing. Lisa Mezzacappa on bass and John Hanes on drums.

Mon. 2/1 — What, you missed Citta di Vitti on Sunday night?  Well here’s your chance:  Go see them Monday at the Make-Out Room, a bar that’s been handing the rock stage over to jazz folks once a month.  Citta di Vitti opens, followed by The Little Blue House Suite, and then Aram Shelton’s Ton Trio (previously noted here).