A Further Word About Adm. Ted Brinkley

I could have appended this to the last entry, but I was wary of getting into unfocused blog blathering mode…

… but apparently, Admiral Ted Brinkley (semi-ret.) is going through an active phase. He’s got some gigs lined up at places like the Revolution Cafe (nice but cramped open-aired booze-and-dessert spot in San Francisco’s Mission District) and El Valenciano (Spanish/Basque restaurant also in the Mission, Yelp page here). These include something called the “ULTRA-Large Ensemble” at El Valenciano on Feb. 3.

As of this writing, the dates are all listed on Lisa Mezzacappa’s MySpace page. (Obviously, your results will differ if you’re checking this in, say, April 2010.)

(And because I don’t say it enough here, I’ll add that anybody looking for this kind of music in the SF Bay Area should be checking the Bay Area Improvisers’ Network or the Transbay Calendar often — and “often” means OFTEN, not in the sense that you “often” floss or clean the garage. They use the same data source, so take your pick.)

Mezzacappa’s calendar also lists a couple of upcoming dates for Marco Eneidi, who’s coming back this way in late February. He’s got a more dates lined up than he did during last year’s visit.

Which reminds me.  It’s apparently been a year since I started this blog.  Doesn’t seem that long, and it’s nice to see I managed to post at an average rate of nearly every other day. And I can feel another blather phase coming on, so I’d better stop there.

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